Intrepid: feeling no fear, having resolute fearlessness.

Photography is a venture that serves a purpose in all walks of life. Family photographs to place a time-stamp on the young ones so everyone can look back and say, "look at little Jimmy's haircut," or, "thank goodness turtlenecks were on their way out," the lifestyle photography that captures the essence of a city, the nature photography that strikes a chord with nature enthusiasts and homebodies alike - a compilation of photographs offers a glimpse into the meta-narrative that connects each embroidered soul. It speaks a different verse to every individual, and the verse it spoke to us is one of wanderlust. Whether seemingly insignificant or of paramount importance, a moment captured in time will never again be recreated and therein lies the value of every photograph. We photograph to fearlessly capture all walks of life, to fearlessly tell the stories of people, places, and that which will never again be the same. We preserve. We think of the future to shape the past. We seek to inspire because we have been inspired. There is a story out there for everyone, and we want to tell it one thousand-word snapshot at a time.